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In Few Words About the Taigan
The Kyrgyz sighthound taigan is one of the rarest breeds, not only among the sighthounds, but in all canine world.

Present status of the breed
The beginning of the Taigan standard might be tracked back to the Ordinance of Minister of Industry of the Soviet Union in 1947, when it was decided that every soviet republic was supposed to have its proper home breed.

Taigan's behaviour
The Taigan has been a cattle breeders companion over the ages and they used to wander over the hills and mountains on their own.

The History Of the Breed
Over many hundred years the taigan have not been bred in a strict control and their features have been developed rather through the geographical isolation than through a thorough breeding plan

The Sighthound Magazine

The taigan is a breed of hounds from the ancient group of Middle-Asian hounds. The breed was formed in peculiar mountain conditions of Kirgizia. It is propagated in the mountain republics, especially, in the area of Tien Shan. The dog is capable of work in the mountaineous broken broken land about 2-3 th. metres above the sea level. (c) Marcin Błaszkowski 2008 - All Rights Reserved
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