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nekonečný příbeh od pravéku do třetího tisíciletí

We have had great pleasure to co-work on the Czech dog encyclopedia entitled Pes nekonečný příbeh od pravéku do třetího tisíciletí, the author is Michal Císařovský. Encyclopedia was issued in Prague, in 2008 by Canis publishing house in cooperation with the Svět Psů magazine. In the book, there are some less known sighthound breeds, there are also photos and notes on the tazi and the taigan. To the notes, photos of our dogs have been added – the Centralasian greyhound Tazi (Dzalal-Abad UNUR) and the Kyrgyz sighthound Taigan (Abolla GÜLSHIN). The encyclopedia has 900 pages and so far it has been the biggest work of this type in the history of the Czech cynology. (c) Marcin Błaszkowski 2008 - All Rights Reserved
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