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Tulpar is a legendary horse which appears in mythology of the Turkish-language nations (Turks, Usbaks, Kasachs, Kyrgyz, etc) and it corresponds with the Pegasus and Unicorn from the European cultural realm.

Tulpar is still present in culture and consciousness of the people in Asia. One can find it not only in the national Kyrgyz epos Manas, which counts some hundreds of years. This legendary creature has also found its place in state symbols of Kasachstan. The emblem of this enormous Asian land is decorated with two golden tulpars, the top of the yurt (the yurt is a traditional tent where the Kasachs lived) and the sun rays. The whole is placed on a blue background, which symbolizes the sky where the tulpars run.

The association of a bird with a horse has also been transposed to a sighthound. In the Kyrgyz culture the Taigans have occasionally been associated with birds of prey. One tells the legends of the sighthounds emerging from a vulture, maybe because the running dog's long ears look like fluttering wings of a bird... (a picture sent by Tatiana Dubinina, vice president of Kyrgyzkynology, a Kyrgyz kennel club).

The life of the people in Central Asia was a hunting life. One hunted with horses, accompanied by a dog and a bird of prey. All these animals cooperated and melted into one in the human imagination.

When one takes a closer look at a Tazi from Kasachstan, one can easily understand, why also in our imagination a picture of a sighthound melted together with a picture of a legendary Middle Asian horse and why we took the word TULPAR for the kennel name. (c) Marcin Błaszkowski 2008 - All Rights Reserved
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