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Sloughis in Poland

Marcin Błaszkowski

The Arabian Greyhound or Sloughi (as it is more popularly known) has never been a popular breed in Poland. In fact their registration in the Polish Stud Books, kept by the Polish Kennel Club (Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce), probably came about more by accident than otherwise.

Probably the first ever representative of the breed in Poland was a brindle bitch called Oujda Kahloul de la Treille, born on 18 June 1978. Her owner at the time was Anna Cywińska who was then a member of the Polish Kennel Club branch in Lódź. This bitch was frequently presented at shows and also produced two litters, both of which were sired by Multi Ch. Barry Min Ahrar al Maghrib.

The first litter from this mating, the "N" litter under the Exodus affix or kennel-name, was born on 24 February 1984. There were seven puppies whelped (5 males and 2 females) with the most successful being Nina Ricci, Nemo and Nabuko. In fact the latter – Nabuko Exodus – was awarded RCACIB at the 1986 World Dog Show in Vienna. Oujda Kahloul de la Treille, via her bitch offspring Nina Ricci Exodus, can still be seen in the pedigree of the 2000 European Dog Show Winner in Poznań, Poland – Ifrane Min Ahrar al Maghrib.

The second litter, the "K" litter under the Exodus affix or kennel-name, produced six puppies – 2 males and 4 females – Kenney, Kleo, Kontra, Kenia, King, Kim. Two bitches from this litter did not live for very long. The surviving puppies were presented at various dog shows, but never really succeeded in winning the hearts of Polish sighthound fanciers.

Pictures of Oujda Kahloul de la Treille have appeared in various canine books and magazines published back then in Poland. For example, a book published in 1987 „Psy rasowe w Polsce” (Pure bred dogs in Poland) and another one published by Lubomir Smyczyński in 1989 „Psy, rasy i wychowanie” (Dogs, breeds and training). There was also an article on sloughis by Anna Cywińska published in the 5th issue of the Polish-Kennel-Club magazine in 1987.

As can be seen, for many years there has not been a great deal of interest shown in the Sloughi breed by Polish dog fanciers. As recently as 2005, however, 2 Arabian Greyhounds were brought into Poland from the Czech kennel of Bohemia Genao – two males called Feris and Fedi. Both of these dogs live in Upper Silesia, but they are not being presented at dog shows, nor are they registered with any Kennel Club.

At the moment there are only two representatives of the breed in Poland. The first of these is Pamira Schuru-esch-Schams, born on 3 February 2006, and a daughter of the double World Winner, Sema-Nur Schuru-esch-Schams. This bitch has won as Polish Junior Champion Poland and Polish Champion, Middle- and Eastern European Winner. The second sloughi living in Poland is Ophelio Schuru-esch-Schams, born on 17 December 2005, a son of the Winner of the German Sloughi Specialty in 2003 – Chafi Schuru-esch-Schams. Ophelio is already Hungarian Junior Champion and Romanian Champion.

Both of these Sloughis are being shown outside of Poland (Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Hungary), where they are regularly being awarded CACs and CACIBs. The owner of both dogs is Marcin Błaszkowski, a member of the Polish Kennel Club branch in Leszno. (c) Marcin Błaszkowski 2008 - All Rights Reserved
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